Fall Offerings

Unearthing Your Gifts Creativity Journal This fall season has been very creative for me. In September, I created and shared a year long version of my monthly creativity journal. This new version is titled “Unearthing Your Gifts”. I feel so proud of myself for taking a leap to create the yearly version and for sharing…

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Creativity As A Spiritual Practice

Join me for a three month exploration on the intersection of creativity and spirituality. Learn how creativity and spirituality are two practices that are intimately linked and nurture each other. At the core of my spiritual beliefs is the belief that we are all creators. That we have within us the creative spark needed not…

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Into the Imaginal Realm

I have been wanting to share this imagination exploration with you all for a while now. But the energy of the summer months was not lending itself to dreaming and visioning. The beginning of the fall season, with it’s slow descent into the darkness, feels like the perfect season for practicing some imaginal realm magic…

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