Fall Offerings

Unearthing Your Gifts Creativity Journal

This fall season has been very creative for me. In September, I created and shared a year long version of my monthly creativity journal. This new version is titled “Unearthing Your Gifts”.

The Gifts of 2022 and The Seeds of 2023

I find myself creating the offerings I need in my life. With this in mind, in December I am hosting two virtual gatherings. The Gifts of 2022 will be a gathering to celebrate, reflect on, and say good-bye to 2022 in preparation for 2023. In The Seeds of 2023 we will be dreaming and visioning our goals and plans for 2023.

Both of these gatherings will happen on Zoom. Register by clicking the images.

Unearthing the Gift Creative Community is Back!

I was not able to run the explorations I had planned for this year on my Mighty Network community because I was so tired all the time due to my pregnancy. In 2023, I will be hosting all the explorations I had planned for 2022. They include:

  • Your Natal Harvest Cycle
  • Dreamwork & the Imaginal Realm
  • Creativity and Liberation
  • Creativity and Shadow Work

Unearthing the Moon

In 2021, I trained as a Moon Guide with April McMurtry of The Moon is My Calendar. I had planned to offer virtual moon circles in 2022, but along with all my other plans, this was put in the back burner. Working with the moon is something that is still important to me and I am planning to offer seasonal moon circles in 2023. Stay tuned for more details to come!

As you can see the creative fire has been burning inside me! I’m excited for what I will learn and how I will grow in the year to come. I’ll share a different post with my creative intentions and aspirations for next year. Thanks for checking in! I hope you are also letting the Muse inspire you.

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