Creativity As A Spiritual Practice

Join me for a three month exploration on the intersection of creativity and spirituality. Learn how creativity and spirituality are two practices that are intimately linked and nurture each other.

At the core of my spiritual beliefs is the belief that we are all creators. That we have within us the creative spark needed not only to paint, write poetry, or dance, but also to create spaces and communities full of love, kinship, reciprocity, and belonging. That we are capable of bravely imagining and creating the best version of the world where all of life can thrive. Through a creative and spiritual practice, we can begin to know ourselves and understand and embrace/reclaim our place in this beautiful web of life.

This exploration is for those who feel there is something missing in their lives, for those who want to establish a creative or spiritual practice, and for those who want to continue nurturing and weaving their creativity and spirituality.

This journey will include a variety of practices, from creating sacred space to performing ritual, tarot, journaling, community sharing and creative expression. If you feel called by this invitation, I welcome you into this sacred exploration.

Our journey together will be three months long. I believe this is just enough time to create space and go slowly and deeply into our journey. This is not a one hour workshop. You can only change your life and your communities through consistent and intentional actions. Spirituality is no different.

My intentions for this three months are that you will:

  • Discover/nurture the creative and spiritual spark within you.
  • Feel confident in your ability to develop and nurture a creative and spiritual practice.
  • Create routines and rituals that support you in maintaining your practice beyond the three months that we will be together.

What Does This Look Like

  • A three-month exploration into the intersection of creativity and spirituality
  • Weekly prompts to dive deep into exploring your own creativity and spirituality
  • A community of curious and creative individuals
  • Monthly virtual new moon group calls
  • Monthly Creative Practice
  • Early access and discounts to other classes and workbooks

This exploration will happen over on my Mighty Networks group: Unearthing the Gift Creative Community. As with my other offerings, there is tiered pricing available for you to chose the subscription plan that works best for you. We start on October 1st, 2021 and go to December 31st, 2021.

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