Exploring My Relationship With Knowledge

My word of the month for July was Knowledge. Working with the word as a symbol prompted me to reflect on my perception of knowledge and how I relate to knowledge.

Knowledge is one of my priorities and my core values. I love learning new things and having knowledge of an extensive array of topics. Knowledge and curiosity are interconnected for me.

In recent years, I’ve learned that there are many ways of knowing and that the modern or accepted ways are not the only true and valid way of knowing.

By modern ways of knowing I mean knowledge acquired through books, classes, college degrees or certifications.

The other ways of knowing are experiential, generational, oral traditions, gut feelings and intuition, dreams, and psychic knowing through the claires.

I learned about these different ways of knowing from April of The Moon is My Calendar, first in her Moondala Collective and then as part of the Moon Guide Facilitator Training that I took this year.

During the month of June, I found myself reflecting on my obsessive tendency towards knowledge. I want to know all the things, take all the classes, read all the books.

I think there’s a point when the accumulation of knowledge is just that, an accumulation of knowledge, like becoming a hoarder of ideas and information.

Is that bad? I don’t know. I’ve always been a person who is curious about things so I learn about a lot of different things. I remember a comment my sister made a long time ago, she asked me how I knew so much about so many things. This was just when I was a teen, I think my response was that I read a lot about a lot of things.

As I’ve gotten older, my curiosity has gotten more specific and the world much bigger, I would probably not say I know a lot about a lot of things anymore. But I’m still curious and I still like to learn about lots of different topics.

I guess it’s also important to note what we are doing with all that I am learning. Am I sharing what I have learned with others. For me, sharing what I’ve learned is equally as exciting and as enjoyable as learning. That’s why I have created my online community where I get to explore different topics and create opportunities for others to learn with me.

I will be opening up the membership subscription for my online community in the next few days. Stay tuned for that if you are interested!

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