Integrating the Heart with Venus and the Moon

Back in February, I began a blog post to share with you about the symbols I was working with. That blog post stayed in my draft folder because I didn’t think it was ready to be shared. The symbol that I began working with was the heart, more specifically, it was “seeing with the eyes of the heart”.

How did this phrase come to me? Back in February,I did a reading for myself and received a message about seeing with the eyes of the heart, the question that my reading gifted me was “what would my life look like when seen with the eyes of the heart?” This is what my response was:

“I a saw all the love that is in my life, the relationships I have created, the way people make me feel and how I make them feel. I would not notice how much money I have or how many things I own. I share my experience and the things that are important to me. I support people in their journey of self discovery and creation. The most rewarding part of this journey is the fact that I am showing up for myself. I am worthy and capable of receiving my desires.”

From my Instagram post on February 8, 2021.

Seeing with the eyes of the heart seems to be a phrase that is said more often than I ever noticed before and when ever I hear it or see it, I pay attention. For the last three months, I’ve led this phrase guide me and teach me.

This exploration of seeing with the eyes of the heart led me to the notion of integrating the heart. I was just following a trail of breadcrumbs, being patient and open to the experience, curious about where it was leading me.

While I was unearthing and weaving this tale, I was also taking the Know Your Venus class with April McMurtry, and Venus and the Moon became accomplices in my exploration of the temple of my heart.

Several months later the seed has taken root, sprouted, and is about to bear fruit 😊.

I’m excited to invite you to the Lunar Heartbeat of Venus, a celebration of the meeting of Venus and the Moon on May 12th, 2021 at 5pm Central Time. Join April McMurtry of The Moon is my Calendar, Kim Teodori of Tuning In Sight, and myself for a beautiful experience that will mark the meeting of Venus and the Moon with breath embodiment, visualization and creative practice, inquiries for journaling, and beautiful Venus and Moon gong sound healing. Click here to register.

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