Road Symbology in January 2021

It feels like a couple of years happened in the course of the last month, don’t you think?

In January, I started working with a few different workbooks as part of my creative practice. You can learn more about them by watching this video here.

As I was working with my monthly Creativity Journal, which you can download for free here, and the Right Brain Planner I just happened to stick a piece of paper with an image of a road on my journal and then I found myself being guided by the symbol of roads, of stepping on the path, and I knew I had taken the next step on my journey.

Some of the road imagery from my journal.

I want to say the symbol of roads picked me, but I guess it could also be that I subconsciously picked the symbol. I guess it doesn’t really matter how it happened, but what is important is that roads have become a special image for me this month.

Symbols are all around us and they are just waiting for us to notice them and engage with them. I could have ignored the symbol of the road, but I chose to pay attention and to allow this symbol to guide me throughout the month.

Since I decided to allow the road imagery to serve as a sort of guide for me, when ever I saw it again in my daily life I paid extra attention to what it was trying to communicate to me. I looked for other road images and added them to my monthly journal pages.

This month I have been reflecting on what I want to create in my creative practice, and in my life in general for the rest of the year, what road am I on if you will 😄.

At the end of last year, I had so many plans and ideas of what I wanted to do, but I have let my own doubt and fear keep me from taking action on these ideas. The imagery of the road helped me to understand that even if I didn’t think I was making any progress towards my goals and dreams, that in actuality I was, and most of this work was likely taking place below the surface. The symbol of roads and the image of being on the path served to reassured me that I was moving along just fine and that I was right where I needed to be at this time in my life.

More road images 🙂

This month I also met a lovely creative person on Instagram, Andrea from @creativedreamincubator. She has been sharing amazing content on her Instagram page this month for her Festival of Dreams. I have taken copious notes of all her videos and I hope to be able to work with her in the future. She has a community for fellow creatives called Dream Book, be sure to check her out!

She also spoke about the path to creating our dreams, and since I was already paying attention to this imagery of roads/paths/journeys I knew Andrea’s work was important for me to pay attention to.

Have you noticed what symbols have been trying to get your attention?

In my magickal vision board class I shared an idea of picking an image/symbol from your vision board to connect with each month. I had cut out two images that represented path/road to use on my vision board, but ended up not using them after all, who knew they would end up showing up in my life any way.

I invite you to open yourself up to work with a symbol for the month of February and let me know how it goes!

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