Presenting the Unearthing the Gift Creative Community

Although I have been on Instagram for at least five years and have been part of the wonderful tarot community, I feel that due to the nature of social media, it’s not really conducive to creating a community that can engage and dive deep into different topics. This is one of the reasons why I am desiring a closer community of curious and creative individuals who want to explore different topics together.

During 2020, I had the opportunity of being part of a few groups/communities online. Being part of those communities inspired me to create my own. With this intention, I have decided to create a community space in Mighty Networks for the curious soul and the creative spirit, called the Unearthing the Gift Creative Community.

One thing I like about the Mighty Networks platform is that it allows for all members of the community to learn and contribute to creating a community together. This is something that I find very appealing because I have never liked the idea of being a guru or following gurus. Having that guru-disciple relationship is not what I am hoping for with this community I am creating.

As the host of the community, I will be responsible for setting the structure of the community and sharing different topics that I would like for us to explore together. I am a perpetual learner and I am excited to have a community of similar life long learners to share and learn with. I am looking for community members who want to be engaged in the community as they will be able to suggest topics they want to explore and to share their learnings.

One hope I have for the future of this community is that I will offer different classes and group experiences in the community space. These classes will be offered to members of the community at a discounted price.

There is a cost to joining the community, at this time the cost is $14.99/month or $249.99/year. This cost will help cover the cost of the platform and my time and effort as the host.

Now for the fun part! Here are the proposed topics we will explore together in 2021:

  • Feb- Mar: Creating with the Moon
  • Apr – Jun: Journaling as a Self-love Practice
  • Jul – Sep: Creativity and Inner Child Work
  • Oct – Dec: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

You might wonder why each topic is stretching over a period of three months. Well, it is my hope that we will go deep into each topic and for that reason I didn’t think one month was enough to really cover a topic. Also, this community experience will be a lot about the process and experience of learning and it is my hope that we move at a slower pace to really dig deep into the topics.

Each month we will have a virtual hangout to share about our learnings and experience and hold space for each other. Each month, we will also schedule a 1:1 tarot session where we can check-in about your creative projects and use the tarot for guidance.

You can sign up for this service by clicking here.

If you have any questions about this community please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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