Good-bye 2020

I have been saying good-bye to 2020 since November. Apparently there is still a lot to unpack and process. I already see myself in 2021, looking back through my 2020 journals and instagram posts to see what I was going through at particular times of the year, and hopefully by then I am seeing thing from a clearer perspective.

Everyone has said it, 2020 was the year no one expected to have. In the middle of all the chaos and pain, I did find that I grew a lot as a person and in my spiritual path. The pandemic made me realize that life is too short to agonize over the things you want to do but don’t allow yourself to do. We are not helping anyone by hiding from our true nature and our gifts.

The last 4 months of 2020 have been wonderful for me, I have a new job that I love, I am working from home and get to spend more time with my daughters, I have taken so many actions towards creating the life I dream of living. I have to remind myself that 2020 was not all unicorns and rainbows, it was really, really hard.

I love the new year because it feels like a new beginning to try again or to build on the progress you have made. With 2020 ending, I also want to leave behind the heaviness of some parts of the year and imagine and create a better future for all of us.

In 2021, I hope to share more about my life while walking a creative path. I hope to encourage you to walk with me.

This year, has helped me get clarity about what is important to me and how I can contribute to creating a better world. I had an inkling before, but I always felt that I needed someone else’s approval or validation to own it, you know? I spent a lot of my life looking for external approval, until I realized that it was not worth it and it did not satisfy my needs because the approval I always needed and wanted was my own.

I hope that you are taking some time to reflect on the impact 2020 has had on your life. If you need a place to start, I highly recommend the free workbook by Susannah Conway, Unravel Your Year 2021. I did this workbook last year and it helped me so much. I was anxiously waiting its release for this year.

If you want to spend some time dreaming up your 2021, I am teaching a class on creating a magical vision board. I held a live class earlier this month and I am working on a recorded version that can be accessed at any time. Stay tuned for that!

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