The Habits of Curious People

Curious people are very special, and we need more of them in the world. We need more people to openly question everything.

If you are a curious person, but you feel you have been hiding this part of yourself for fear of being judged or rejected, I implore you, stop hiding, bring out your curiosity in all its glory.

In this blog posts I am going to share some habits/characteristics of curious people. These might help you identify if you too are of the curious bunch, or they might persuade you to cultivate your curiosity.

Curious people are observant. If you notice that you notice (see what I did there 😉) a lot more about what is going on around you than most people, chances are you are a curious person. Being observant is a great habit to develop, not just for curiosity’s sake. Being observant can help you in your creative life. Being observant can also help you stay safe!

Curious people love learning. Love of learning and curiosity really do go hand in hand. You can’t be curious and not love to learn. I might even say that love of learning is a prerequisite for curiosity. When you are curious it’s because you seek to gain knowledge and understand more of the world around you. If you love learning, chances are you are a curious person.

Curious people are good listeners. Curious people are more interested in what others have to say and so they are usually really good at listening. They listen to understand and to see the world from the other person’s perspective.

Curious people are creative. Some curious people might not identify as a creative right away, but in my opinion, they are definitely headed in that direction, and that is a good thing! I learned recently that if you are not using your energy to create, you are likely using your energy to destroy. It’s very important that we are consciously using our energy. I hope to write more about creativity in the future, it’s a very important part of my life.

Curious people are open minded. This one is very important, especially right now. You might have noticed that people are becoming more closed minded and fanatical in their beliefs. In the U.S., we are now more divided than ever. Social media has successfully kept us in a bubble where we can choose to not engage with content that does not fit into our view of the world. We cannot continue like this. Curiosity is a great habit to develop that will help you from becoming an extremist or a fanatical person who cannot accept that people hold different beliefs around the world.

What other habits/characteristics would you add about curious people? Which of the ones I listed resonated with you?

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