Why Curiosity Is Important

Although I have always been a curious person, I didn’t always think of curiosity as a skill that could be developed an used to my advantage. I also did not realize until recently how curiosity has helped me in my personal and professional career.

Curiosity is something that comes naturally to all of us. We see curiosity most often in children. Although, curiosity in children is not always nurtured or encouraged, and for this reason curiosity doesn’t always follow us into adulthood.

For me, curiosity has been one of the most helpful skills in my personal life and professional life. And I believe curiosity is a prerequisite for living a creative life.

When you are curious, you ask more questions and enjoy learning about different things. All of those random things that you learn about can be at your disposal when you need them. You will have more knowledge about different things than people who are not curious and that knowledge can be combined in creative ways.

Practicing curiosity can also help you keep your brain and mind sharp! Being curious can help you connect with people. I could go on and on about the benefits of curiosity, but I want to talk about how you too can become a curious person!

Our connected world makes being curious a wonderful thing. Thanks to the internet, any topic you are curious about is available to you at your finger tips in practically an instant. Of course, I recommend that once you find a topic that interests you that you don’t stop at the top Google search results, you should also read some books, watch some videos, meet some people who are experts in the thing you are curious about.

So, how can you start harnessing the power of curiosity? To start, make a list of questions you’ve had since you were little, or make a list of questions you have asked yourself in more recent years. If possible, make a list of at least 10 questions.

For the next 10 days, pick one question and learn about it on the internet. Keep a journal of your questions and the information that you come across about it.

I would love to hear how your questions and answers go! I will also do this exercise for myself and report back on my next blog post.

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