Curious About Curiosity

Back in May 2020, I started a podcast series on the topic of curiosity to accompany a workbook on curiosity I created called “How Curiosity Brought the Cat Back to Life”. You can find this workbook in the Offerings page of my blog.

I had planned to write an accompanying blog series in June, but June had other plans. Then July had other plans, but August is looking promising!

Would you say that you are a curious person?

I describe myself as a curious person and I embrace my curiosity. Curiosity is actually a really important and helpful character trait, in my humble opinion.

It has been my experience that curiosity is not always seen as a good skill/trait to have. Curious people ask questions. They want to know more. They can make some people uncomfortable.

So, are you a curious person?

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a curious person. Maybe you have never thought of curiosity as anything special. I believe we were all curious at one point in our lives, most likely when we were children.

Children are naturally curious.

If you have children in your life, you know what I mean. They want to know how everything works, why things are the way they are, why the rules are the way they are, and who made the rules anyway?!

My goal with this blog series is to share some thoughts and lessons on curiosity to help you discover your own curiosity so that you can also use it in your every day life.

Stay tuned and follow me on this curious journey!

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