Transitional Times

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

The months of June and July have often been months when I experience some sort of transition. Big life transitions tend to happen for me around this time in the area of career. Before this year, I didn’t know why this might be the case. But now, I understand that there is some astrological correlations to why this happens to me.

In The Book of Houses by Paul Williams, I learned about using our astrological birth chart as a harvest cycle for our goals and dreams. It details the months during which you should plant your seeds (set your goals and intentions) and the day when you will reap the harvest (Harvest Days) of those seeds. July is the month when I plant seeds, and June is the month when I harvest those seeds.

I didn’t have this book last year around June and July, but I was definitely planting many seeds. A year later, I am seeing the fruits of those seeds and I am glad to say that I will be using The Book of Houses more intentionally to plant my seeds and bring my dreams/goals into existence.

As I am in the process of completing a transition, I am experiencing a lot of fear and doubt. It can be difficult to make the correct choice when your brain is constantly sending warning signs and distressful messages. I am so well equipped to deal with these feelings and messages now.

Thanks to what I have learned in Lindsay Mack’s class, Tarot for the Wild Soul, I am able to understand that many of the fear messages that my brain is sending me are simply not the truth.

My brain is scared of change. My brain wants to keep me in familiar and “safe” environments. If it was up to my brain, I would never make any changes or take any risks. But that is not how life is supposed to be. We are meant to take risks and make changes so that we can grow and experience different things. The soul seeks change and growth and brain wants the comfortable feelings of the familiar.

What has helped me during this time of transition was remembering that I can trust myself to make the right choice for me. I often look to others for guidance and reassurance, and that is not the best strategy to follow. As my partner always says, we are the ones who will deal with the consequences of our actions, not the people who gave us advice, no matter how well intentioned that advice was. So why ask others to make a choice that is only up to us?

I did a lot of soul searching, journaling, and asking for guidance from my Spirit Guides. It felt difficult to make the decision, but once I let go of expectation and trying to control things, I felt that the path was laid out and I knew what the right decision was.

I am working on replacing my feelings of fear with excitement for the new experiences that are waiting for me. I can’t wait to see how I will grow, what I will learn, who I will meet, and what changes I will make.

How do you deal with fear and doubt? How do you handle transitional times in your life?

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