Walking with Mary – September Edition


I can’t believe it was only this past February that I first did the Walking with Mary Journey with Hettienne Grobler, The French Maddona. It feels like it was many more years ago that I first did it. Nonetheless, I am so excited to do this journey and join the others who are also walking with Mary.

You can read more about my experience in February here.

I am joining this journey again because I had a great experience last time. I loved the community that was built around the Walking with Mary Journey. I loved learning from Hettienne. And most of all, I loved the relationship that I developed with Mary.

I remember feeling hesitant to join last time. I made a lot of excuses about why I could not join. Then everything fell into place, I realized that I had all the materials I needed. I have many of the items leftover from last time, like my prayer shawl and the image of Mary I used las time. I have also gotten a few new items that I will use like my rosewood prayer mala and a handbound book my sister gifted me earlier this year.



Please visit Hettienne’s blog to read about what this next Walking with Mary experience will bring.

If this is the first time you are considering joining this journey and you feel apprehensive about the preparations, please don’t let that keep you from joining. The most important altar that needs to be set up is the one that is inside your heart.

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