My Journey with Tarot

It’s been about four years since Tarot found me.

Since then, I have developed an intimate relationship with this divination system. For me, Tarot is a trusted confidant and friend. It’s that type of friend that doesn’t give you the answers and tells you what to do, but instead helps you figure out what YOU really want to do and helps you find YOUR own answers.

Tarot can be used for many different things, from weighing different decisions, dealing with issues about work and personal life, finding your gifts and strengths, meeting your challenges, to jump-start your creative writing/art-making and of course, it can be a great tool for your spiritual development.

I am fortunate that Tarot is very popular right now and easily accessible. You can search for decks to purchase on Amazon, or even print your own at home. You can meet people online and in real life who are interested in Tarot. You can learn how to read Tarot on YouTube! It’s a wonderful time to be alive and interested in this stuff :).

There is a thriving community of Tarot peeps on Instagram. There are monthly challenges that you can join to develop your reading skills. Tarot challenges were wonderful for me as a beginner. It’s been a few months since I joined a challenge, but that is mostly due to lack of time and not lack of interest.

I have used Tarot to get a reading of the energies for the month ahead and also to help me reflect on the month that just ended. I read Tarot for dark moons, new moons, and full moons. I will also sometimes pull a daily card just to help me center and ground when I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  I have used Tarot to communicate with my house. That was one of the most interesting and unusual things I’ve used Tarot for.

If you read Tarot, what is the most interesting/unusual reading you have done?

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