Depth Year Update

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In December of 2018 I heard about the Depth Year and thought that was a great idea to continue on what I had started doing some months prior to December, which was to reduce my consumption of spiritual tools (tarot and oracle decks, crystals, etc.) and use the many tools I have acquired throughout the years. You can see my initial ideas and plans for my Depth Year here.

When I decided to embark on a Depth Year, I made some goals for myself:

  1. Use 12 tarot decks that I have not used
  2. Work with one or two crystals I already own per month
  3. Finish reading Holistic Tarot
  4. Finish the coaching class I purchased
  5. Spend more time writing
  6. Read a book once a month
  7. Read the books/articles I have on the chakras
  8. Use my Desire Map Planner
  9. Do the Desire Map Workbooks
  10. Spend more time creating offline

I can say that I have been successful in making progress in most of my goals. I have been using decks I owned and previously did not use. I usually chose one or two decks per month and this allows me to really get to know the energy of the cards and infuse them with my energy. I am not going to lie, I have bought/traded more decks since starting the Depth Year. But they have been decks in my wishlist and not just random and impulsive buys. In comparison to how much I bought before, I am doing really good!

Amethyst seer stone I carry with me all the time

I have also been limiting myself to working with one crystal per month and have not bought a new crystal for a long time. This working with one crystal per month started many months ago for me. In the beginning, I remember really struggling to stick to one crystal, it has become so much easier now. I will usually pick the crystal that attracts me the most from my collection, this month it is amethyst. Then I will set an intention for what I hope to accomplish during the month. This month’s work with amethyst I am being intentional about developing my psychic and intuitive abilities, strengthening my third eye chakra, and I am also using amethyst to keep my cool at work :).


I have also been dedicating more time to my writing. I set up a calendar reminder on my phone for Dianna’s writing time every Saturday and Sunday morning. Sometimes it’s not easy waking up, but my hubby is supportive and will usually encourage me to wake up and write before the girls wake up. I have also been creating often and it has really helped me keep my mental and emotional sanity.

My Desire Map monthly overview

I’m trying to get back into the habit of reading a book at least once a month. I recently finished Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell. I am now reading The Book of Goddess by Kris Waldherr.  I am using my Desire Map Planner almost daily. I’m slowly working my way through Holistic Tarot.


Overall my Depth Year is going well. I can say that “narrowing” my focus has been very beneficial as it allows me to get more out of whatever I am learning and doing. This narrowing of focus is really contrary to how I usually work. I love to have a wide focus because I want to see everything and find the connections between things. But, I think it’s a good idea for me to learn to use a narrow focus when I need it. That’s it for my Depth Year update. Are you also doing a Depth Year or would like to do a Depth Year? I’d love to read your opinion and thoughts in the comments!

2 responses to “Depth Year Update”

  1. I am trying to accomplish similar things like you do, but I haven’t called it depth year. My main focus is on using what I have and so far it’s going pretty well. But I also try not to berate myself when I really, really want something. Balance is everything 😉💕

  2. diannamanjarrez Avatar

    Thanks for your comment Ellen! Learning to be kind to ourselves is also a good part of this. It’s difficult to say you won’t buy absolutely anything when we are bombarded with so many things to buy!

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