Walking with Mary

A soul collage I made during the 30 days practice. 

A few weeks ago marked the end of the #30dayswithMary practice. I hesitate to even write that sentence, because I feel that my walking with Mary will never really end.

Many of us who were walking together felt sadness about the conclusion of the 30 days. While I felt sad, I also felt comforted in knowing that the connections I made with my fellow travelers in the last thirty days are long-lasting and will continue even after the hashtag is no longer present in my feed.

As for my relationship with Mary, I can say that Mary will be my companion for many years to come. In this post, I’m just going to share some highlights of the 30 days and explore how I might continue my journey with Mary.

I remember at the beginning of the 30 days, during the mantra recitation, I felt a change in the energy outside of myself, in the area where I had set up the altar. I am not used to feeling energies or presences so my fear quickly took over and the presence disappeared. I didn’t feel any energies outside of myself after that, because I understood that the presence I was seeking was always inside of me and every night when I went to meet Mary, I was actually meeting Mary within myself.

At some point in the 30 days I began to sing the mantra. The first time I sang the mantra I unlocked something inside myself. I opened a door that I didn’t even realize was there. I felt feelings I had not allowed myself to feel and realize what healing I needed to work on. Most of my feelings involved my role as mother and daughter. I am still working through those feelings and I might be brave enough to share them in the future.

Life-Size-Virgin-Mary-Marble-Statue-StoneOne of my favorite parts of the practice was the opportunity to make soul collage cards, like the one in the photos above. I’ve always had a love of photo editing and this love was reawakened thanks to the #30dayswithMary practice.

During the final days of the #30dayswithMary practice I began working on a set of 10 personal oracle cards. I used photo editing/collage to create them. I will do a separate blog post to share that project, but I feel that the cards were influenced by my experience in the walking with Mary days, so they hold a special place for that reason.

Through this practice and thanks to Hettienne’s wonderful guidance, I learned how to set up an altar and conduct a ritual. We also met many representations of Mary, but there is still so much more to explore.

In summary, I am thankful for having the opportunity to participate in this 30 days journey and for sharing the experience with other like-minded people from the tarot community on Instagram. I am hoping that Hettienne hosts this practice again next year.


3 responses to “Walking with Mary”

  1. You can now use #walkingwithmaryeveryday as a way of connecting to eachother

  2. diannamanjarrez Avatar

    Thanks Ellen! I’ll be sure to use that hashtag!

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