Making 2019 a Depth Year

A new idea has been making the rounds on my social media communities, it is the idea of embarking on a Depth Year, a year where you dive deep into the hobbies, interests, and tools you already own/have, instead of finding new hobbies, interests, and tools to jump into.

I first heard about the Depth Year through Kelly Ann Maddox’s video, and shortly after that I saw it in many other people’s social media accounts. Although, the idea seems to have originated from David Cain, click here to read his blog post on Raptitude.

Before becoming familiar with the term Depth Year, I had already started doing something similar, as a result of feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had accumulated. Most of my “stuff” is tarot decks and crystals. A few months ago, I began to feel a discomfort/concern for the reasons behind why I had accumulated such a large amount of stuff. And yet, I continued to constantly acquire new stuff without actually using it. So I decided that, rather than buying more new decks and crystals, I was going to focus on using the decks and crystals I had. This is what the depth year is all about.

The purpose of embarking on a Depth Year began with my tarot decks and crystals, but becoming mindful of my over consumption of those items, allowed me to shine a light on other areas of my life where I seem to accumulate things and not actually use them. One of those areas is enrolling in classes with the intention of working through the class, but then not making the time for it. I also do this with books, I have a pile of books I want to read and will add new books often, without actually getting to reading the book.

I guess the Depth Year is like setting New Year intentions around minimalism and not buying too much. Here are the areas I will focus on during my Depth Year:

  • Use 12 tarot decks that I have not used
  • Work with one or two crystals I already own per month
  • Finish reading Holistic Tarot
  • Finish the coaching class I purchased
  • Spend more time writing
  • Read a book once a month
  • Read the books/articles I have on the chakras
  • Use my Desire Map Planner
  • Do the Desire Map Workbooks
  • Spend more time creating offline

I am planning to do a three month check-in to see how I am doing on my goals above.

Do you set new year’s intentions? Have you heard of the Depth Year? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

5 responses to “Making 2019 a Depth Year”

  1. Hey Dianna!! I’m doing a depth year too 🙂 but I’ve also been sorta doing it myself since I purged a bunch of stuff in the beginning of 2017… I boxed up a bunch of decks and crystals that I tried to sell and then intended to donate but never did haha… Ahh! Good luck. I think it’ll be good for us!

    1. Hi Alaina! I’m happy to hear that you are also doing a depth year! I agree it will be good for us. I look forward to hearing how your year goes. I hope all is well with you!

  2. thecrystallinewillow Avatar

    Yes, this is definitely what I’ve been working on. Decluttering, surrounding space and mentally. For me, 2018 was a year of collecting – books, crystals, habits, etc., and it’s a bit overwhelming! There was a tipping point of stress and negativity with the strong desire to do better for myself. Since November I’ve started purging things slowly and it has helped me focus on my everyday goals. It has helped me mentally, and that is the #1 reason for the desire to change. So, I’ll be doing some decluttering on a regular basis and enjoying the many wonderful books, stones and plants that will serve me well. Learning to appreciate without having to possess is a big one for me this year. Challenging, yes!! But it’s a necessity for my mental health. Minimalism, yes please! 😊

    1. diannamanjarrez Avatar

      Hi Angie, thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you are also finding your way to a “depth year”. I know what you mean about how our exterior and internal spaces can get cluttered and affect our mental health. The last three years have been about collecting for me, and I think I am ready to stop and appreciate what I have. I love your observation about learning to appreciate without having to possess, that is a big lesson in my life right now too.

  3. […] In December of 2018 I heard about the Depth Year and thought that was a great idea to continue on what I had started doing some months prior to December, which was to reduce my consumption of spiritual tools (tarot and oracle decks, crystals, etc.) and use the many tools I have acquired throughout the years. You can see my initial ideas and plans for my Depth Year here. […]

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