My Personal Beliefs About Creativity

Continuing with my reflection on creativity, I want to share with you some of my beliefs about creativity.

I believe we are all creative. Sometimes when we hear the word “creative” we instantly think of artists, writers, dancers, musicians. Let’s face it, the majority of us are not what comes to mind when we think about creativity. Most of us work a full-time job, maybe more than one, and usually those full-time jobs don’t encourage much creative thought or action. But at the core of my creative journey is the belief that we are all creative beings.

Creating is an act of service. Being of service to others is an important part of most spiritual paths. Being of service is a way to affirm the belief that we are all connected and in this earthly experience together. Being of service to others helps us grow and learn, dare I say advance in our human evolution. Being of service is just the right thing to do, unless you want to live a sad, miserable, selfish, inconsequential and lonely life.

Creating connects us with our most authentic Self. I believe that when we tap into our creativity, we begin to connect with a deeper part of our Self, a part that is more truly us than the selves we walk around pretending to be on a daily basis.

We are being creative everyday, even if we are not aware of this. I am going to get into some woo woo ideas about the power of our mind, if you are not into the woo, please don’t close your mind to what I am about to share! I firmly believe that our mind/thoughts are way more powerful than most of us realize. It’s not as explicit as thinking about something and having it magically appear, most of our minds are not strong enough to make that happen. What I mean is that our thoughts dictate our words and eventually our actions. What we say and what we do in the end creates the reality that we live in. If our mind is constantly tuned to Negative Nelly’s Radio Show, well our words will not be used to build people up, we will always try to tear people down, our actions are not going to be empowering, we will always sabotage ourselves and others. If you leave your mind to run wild with negative thoughts, your are creating a negative reality for yourself.  

We all have unique gifts to share with the world.  Part of what set me on my creative journey was the belief that I was here for a reason. With time I began calling that reason or purpose a gift and I was off on a journey to unearth that gift. Since beginning that journey I have discovered more than one gift I can share with the world. I have also learned that the greatest gift we can give to the world and to ourselves is to be our true and authentic Self. Discovering, or unearthing, the real Self is essential to the creative journey.

These are my current beliefs about creativity. I am sure I will discover more and maybe a few months or years later I will write an updated list. Tell me your beliefs about creativity in the comments, I’d love to know!

2 responses to “My Personal Beliefs About Creativity”

  1. Yes yes yes!!! I love this list. Creating connects us with our most authentic self ❤

    1. I loved writing out my list. You should do it too!

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