Reflections on Creativity

Well, I came to my laptop to write a blog post and I have somehow managed to lock myself out of my blog account. The website says to give it a few minutes, I have no patience as of late, it must be a sign from the universe.

Over on my Instagram page, I have been participating in a month long challenge exploring magick, which has led me to explore creativity. Being creative and expressing creativity is something that is important to me on many levels, it’s important for my mental health and important to my spiritual path.

Unfortunately, I often spend a lot of time thinking about being creative or reading about creativity. I have also had many false starts in my creative journey, maybe they are not “false starts” though, maybe they are all part of the journey.

I always seem to lack something, or need something else to finally unlock the secret door to creativity. If it’s writing I want to do, I am in need of a better laptop, this laptop is too slow. Or maybe I need peace and quiet (something that is currently a luxury), or time, there’s never enough time for this creative stuff. If it’s painting I want to do, I must have more colors and brushes and paper because the ones I have are obviously not enough.

From all that I have learned about creativity, we really don’t need anything fancy to get started. In fact, creativity is able to make something out of nothing. I could blame my consumerist tendencies on capitalism, but the truth is that fear is what keeps most creatives paralyzed and unable to actually create. Fear sabotages our creative nature every day, and if not dealt with, possibly for the rest of our lives. Unless we decide/choose to get over our fear and just fucking make something.

I can say that a few many times in my life I have successfully overcome fear and created something, many somethings actually, which means there is still hope for me. I can continue to overcome fear and create what I am meant to.

What have you created lately? Or has fear won you over? Don’t give up, you do have it in you to bring into reality what you desire to create for yourself.

2 responses to “Reflections on Creativity”

  1. Hey Dianna — I totally know how you feel. I used to horde stuff, lots of stuff, thinking that it would unlock something magickal in me…of course, it never did because I was always too afraid to unlock it in myself….

    1. Hi Alaina! So good to hear from you! Yes, we can be deceived into thinking we need all these shiny things when in reality we don’t need any of that, just courage to do it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are doing well.

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