Beltane Reading

I did a Beltane reading using a spread by Lisa over at Click here to read her blog post describing the spread.

I used the Dark Tarot for this reading. You can print your own copy of this deck by downloading the images from their site, here. I purchased mine through, if you would like to have it professionally printed, go here.

And now onto the reading.

  1. Chi/Life Force: Page of Coins
  2. Holy Beltane Fire: Ace of Cups
  3. Fire Proof Container: Page of Swords
  4. This is Burning Away: The Lovers
  5. The Fire Feeds This: 2 of Cup
  6. More Information on Card 5: Knight of Wands
  7. More Information on Card 5: 8 of Wands


My life force for this season of Beltane is the Page of Coins. This Page is practical and cautious with his material assets. I am not the Page of Coins, but it would seem this is what I should be focusing on. Fostering this practicality and cautiousness with money and other aspects of material life. Which for me translates to cutting back on the wanting to buy things (read: decks and crystals).

Card 2, the blessing that I can receive during Beltane is the Ace of Cups, to focus on relationships, to focus on how full my cup is instead of how lacking it is. New beginnings for relationships and emotions. New ways of processing and dealing with emotions.

Card 3 is my protective energy, and not surprised to see the Page of Swords, another Page and one that uses the power of his mind to problem solve and is ready to both attack and defend, what ever the situation needs.

Card 4, what is burning away by the Holy Fire of Beltane. I got The Lovers and that could not be more confusing. Ace of Cups is the Fire, so how can Ace of Cups burn away The Lovers? Well, come to think of it, it could mean parts of my relationships that are no longer necessary will fall away, so it’s the new beginnings I was talking about earlier.

Card 5, the fire feeds this turns out to be 2 of Cups, hmmm, lots of cups energy, this must be a season for strengthening my relationships, with people around me, and with myself. Looking at the positions of the cards, the Page of Coins, my current life force, is facing towards the 2 of Cups, which is a card of partnership, and love, and friendship. The Page of Coins is walking into this partnership with an offering of his most precious coin, the one that he has been safe guarding for all this time, he is ready to let it go. These cards seem to have a message about a conflict/tension between relationships and what one wants to get out of life. I gave up on material success and possessions a long time ago, more than gave up, I guess I came to realize that they were not important, what is most important is experience and relationships. These cards are driving home the same message.

Cards 6 and 7 are additional information for card 5, my cards were Knight of Wands and 8 of Wands. While the 2 of Cups is all about relationships, these two are all about creativity and passion. The Knight of Wands is an active card and is looking at all the other wands, which presumably he has to pick up and carry somewhere. I see these cards represent my creative activities for this season, one of which is a writing challenge I am doing in May with Alaina of, feeling excited for that!

Did you try a Beltane spread? Let me know in the comments!



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