#tarotthursdaythree 3/02/2017

Another Thursday has gone by! This one was the first Thursday of March and that days #tarotthursdaythree questions are quite juicy! The questions were provided by Julia over at Spiral Sea Tarot, check out her post here.

1. What was it that initially sparked your interest with T? 

It all started when I was reading A Course in Miracles. I followed a few people on IG who were also students of ACIM, two of them were Alex Henry and Lyna Jones. At some point they had shared pictures of oracle cards and the Wild Unknown Tarot. I didn’t really know what they were, but my curiosity was picked! So I went down the hashtag rabbit hole and found more people to follow so I could learn more.

Deciding to purchase a deck of cards happened after a long period of soul searching. Even though I wasn’t religious, I did have apprehension about the purpose of the cards, and what if I was going the wrong way in my spiritual path? Eventually I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did.

2. Is it what you expected it to be and if not, in what ways were your expectations defied?

Tarot is way more than I expected it to be. When deciding to buy my first deck or not, I knew that the tarot could be used for self-reflection and guidance, and also for divination and fortune telling, but I knew I wasn’t interested in the latter.  I has been a little over a year since I bought my first deck and I have learned so much and met some wonderful people, whomI would not have met had it not been through the tarot community. At the same time it does get a little overwhelming, because there is so much to learn! I know I haven’t even scratched the surface, but having more to learn is a good thing in my opinion.

3. How do you primarily use T? I.e. for divination, self-reflection, analysis, shadow work, ritual (or something else)?

I use tarot for self-reflection and guidance from my Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors. I have also done shadow work with tarot before. Tarot and oracle cards are my current spiritual practice. I am also excited to use tarot for writing and developing/strengthening my creativity.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m happy to be caught up for now!

One response to “#tarotthursdaythree 3/02/2017”

  1. The hashtag rabbit hole! Yep, know that one…. 🙂

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