Voice of Your Intuition Spread

A while back I did a spread Screenshot_20160822-105419using the Vision Quest Tarot App by The Fool’s Dog (they have awesome apps for great tarot decks, I highly recommend trying them out).

This spread is called Voice of Your Intuition.

The card in the middle is position 1 and answers the  question of how to strengthen your intuition. My card is the Ten of Fire (Wands). This card has come up for me a couple of times in other readings. To  strengthen my intuition I have to work on letting go of things that don’t benefit me, things being feelings, beliefs, emotions, action, thoughts, habits, etc. etc. The card description in this app are great and really helpful, for this card I liked a sentence that kind of summarized it’s meaning for me: “Take heart, and let your life force flow as it wants to, without fear of the consequences.”

The next card gives information about helpful influences that can assist you in listening to your intuition. For this position I pulled the Daughter of Water (Cups).  Being aware of and in tune with my emotions is the first step in developing my intuition and being able to receive its guidance.

Next up is a card that represents hindrances to  being able to hear the voice of my intuition. Interestingly enough I pulled the Ace of Water for this position, another card dealing with emotions. It’s a very complementary message to the previous card, repressing my emotions does not help me in hearing my intuition, I must accept them and let them flow through me.

The next card is for what I can learn by listening to my intuition, and the card that came out is Life Force (Strength). By listening to my intuition I can learn to experience life fully. Another line from the description of this card that explains its meaning much better than I could is: “The profound understanding of our immortality as spirit causes us to become ecstatic.” This is a message that is seen through out all of this deck, and consistent with Native American beliefs, and my beliefs.

Lastly, the spread asks how to use my intuition, the 10 of Waters came out for this position. Another cups card, this has been a very eye opening reading about the importance of our emotions in being able to listen to our intuition. This card is one of my favorite cards of the tarot. I can use my intuition to reach emotional fulfillment, and fulfillment in other levels too.  How? By staying open minded and open hearted, rejoicing, rediscover myself, being generous, flowing and being abundant.

This is a great reading if you want to learn more about how to connect with your intuition. I hope you are called to give it a try!




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