Summer Recap

I think I’m due for another summer recap. The days have started to get shorter, and I feel a little gloomy about that, because there are some things changing in the fall. Just life moving along like it’s supposed to, but you know us humans, we don’t always like change.

This fall my 4-year-old will start preschool. While I am very excited for her, I also can’t help to feel a little sad because my babies are growing up. I try to let the excitement win over, but I probably should also allow myself to grieve over the stage that is ending for us. It’s only natural. My 3-year-old won’t be starting preschool this year as she didn’t make the age cut off.

On other news, this past Friday I sold my first reading over on my Etsy shop. I was so excited and I really hope that my messages were of

Over on Instagram I am doing a challenge, kind of…I haven’t been able to post every day for it, but I will do it when I feel I should. Instagram has this new featured called “Story”, like Snapchat, I see a lot of people using it, but definitely not everyone. I jumped on the bandwagon and posted a short story. I think it’s a good medium to tell stories, which is something I like to do.

Over on the work front there aren’t really any changes. I have just been thinking about how everything will work out now that my girls are going to school and I work kind of far away. I’ve been feeling spread out lately. Like my life spreads over way too many miles. We live in one place, I work in another, and my girls are going to school in yet another suburb. Since moving to IL it has been this way, but I didn’t mind it before. And now I do. But I don’t know what I will do about it.

I hope your summer is going well!  Tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments!

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