Summer So Far…A Recap


Once the Spirit Guide Challenge was done I purchased the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue. I have used it a few  times. It helped me find out that the spirit guide I connected with was Babaji. When I first purchased the deck I was curious to see if my guide was one of the 44 included in it, but I felt hesitant to ask this because I didn’t want to limit my guide to the 44. I shuffled the cards with that intention but kind of hesitantly, and I pulled Babaji. I didn’t immediately connect with him, my actual thoughts were: My guide can’t be this funny looking guy. So I put the cards away. A few days later I wanted to pull a card from the deck, not asking about my guide, just asking for the message of the day and Babaji came out, and he continued to come out several days after that. The last time I pulled him I had to laugh because before I turned the card over I knew it was him. So I placed him in my altar space.

A few days ago, a dear friend I met through Instagram, with whom I had shared my encounters with Babaji, sent me a picture of Babaji that she had purchased for herself, she’s a student of Kriya Yoga and this is how she was familiar with Babaji. I have to admit I still have to learn more about him, and I have not made time to meditate or visit the Akashic Records, which is where I would be able to connect. But I’m sure everything will happen as it’s supposed to.

After doing the Spirit Guide Challenge on Instagram I decided to take a little break from challenges during the month of July. Instead I am pulling daily cards, and doing interesting spreads here and there. I have also done readings for other people. Lately I feel the urge to read for people, which is something that I didn’t feel before.

Following some inner guidance to do just that I decided to open a small Etsy store where I can offer readings to people.  And I’m thinking I might also try my hand at giving a few free readings on my Instagram account every now and then.

Aside from my tarot cards and spirit guide adventures, I am also now part of Crystals Anonymous. My crystal collection has grown very large over the last few months, being on Instagram is not helpful either.

What have you been up to this summer?

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